Maysan Police: Representative, Gharawi, assaulted an officer during her brother's arrest

Maysan - ALSHARQIYA  September  25 : Maysan Police, representing the governorate, accused "Dalal Hassan Al-Gharawi" of assaulting an officer with the rank of captain in the police after he carried out a judicial order to arrest her brother accused of the crime of burning a wheel.
A statement by the Maysan police stated that a security detachment, on Thursday evening, began implementing a judicial order and arresting the accused, "Muhammad Hassan Al-Gharawi," the brother of the deputy, "Dalal Al-Gharawi", by setting up an ambush for him, but he did not comply with the order of control to stand and wore a "Kalashnikov" rifle to the commander. the control..
 The statement indicated that the representative, Al-Gharawi, "assaulted the commander of the detachment after the people who were with the accused fled to her home. Her accused brother was arrested in possession of an unlicensed" Kalashnikov "rifle.


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