Maysan Police: Deputy Gharawi assaulted an officer after her brother's arrest

Maysan - ALsharqiya, September 26: Maysan Police, a representative of Al-Fateh Alliance, Dalal Hassan Al-Gharawi, was accused of assaulting an officer with the rank of captain in the police after he carried out a judicial order to arrest her brother accused of burning a wheel.

A statement by the Maysan police stated that a security detachment began, Thursday evening, to implement a judicial order and arrest the accused, Muhammad Hassan al-Gharawi, the brother of MP Dalal al-Gharawi, by ambushing him, but he did not comply with the control order to stand and wore a Kalashnikov rifle to the commander of control.

The statement indicated that the deputy, Al-Gharawi, assaulted the commander of the detachment after the people who were with the accused fled to her home, and her accused brother was arrested in possession of an unlicensed Kalashnikov rifle.

The assaulted officer, Captain Ibrahim Saadoun Jabbar, narrated the facts of the incident and said that he carried out a judicial order and arrested the accused, Muhammad al-Gharawi, who in turn placed an unlicensed Kalashnikov weapon in his chest before Representative Dalal al-Gharawi and a number of her bodyguards assaulted him.

For her part.

Representative Dalal Al-Gharawi published a video of the security cameras of her home, denying the attack on the security detachment that carried out the arrest warrant, while it is not clear from the video clip if the officer actually entered the MP’s house or not.


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