Mass withdrawals from Milan Fashion Week ... due to Corona

Italy-ALSHARQIA   January 13 : The new wave of the spread of the Covid 19 virus around the world and the health measures that coincided with it have caused changes in international fashion weeks, the most recent of which was the changes made to Milan Fashion Week, which is expected to start next Friday.
The last to withdraw from Milan Men's Fashion Week was Dolce & Gabbana, which canceled its show next Saturday. In a statement it issued, it announced that the unstable conditions imposed by the epidemic prevented the presentation of new developments in a direct presentation. She revealed that the idea that she worked on to implement this show is not suitable for presentation by default or by video method, and therefore it will not participate for the first time in its history in the activities of Milan Fashion Week.

The same position was taken by Versace and Missoni, who preferred to postpone their men's shows until next February, to be presented in conjunction with the Women's Ready-to-Wear Week if health conditions improve.
The "Italian National Chamber of Fashion" presented its program for the men's fashion week at the end of last year, announcing 5 shows that will be presented in the presence of the audience, in addition to the virtual ones. However, this number has dwindled recently with the announcement of Fendi and Etro to present their shows without an audience on the 16th and 17th of this month and to be transferred on social media.
The rising K-Way brand that made its first shows last season in Florence at the Pitti Uomo events,

On the 17th of this month, she changed his mind from giving a live show, and announced that it will be shown in the presence of a very limited number of people, and that it will be transmitted by default. As for the Korean brand Solid Homme, it canceled its live premiere in Milan on the 18th of this year, to make do with a digital display broadcast on social networking sites.
These amendments to Milan Men's Fashion Week come after it was announced that any live shows will be banned during the activities of the Paris Men's Fashion Week, which will run from January 19 to 24, followed by the High Tailoring Week for Spring and Summer 2021 between the 25 and 28 of this month. All offers will be submitted by default, pending the improvement of health conditions in the world.


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