Masroor Barzani: We thwarted a terrorist plot that was planned in Al-Hol camp

Kurdistan-ALSHARQIYA   April  13 : The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, revealed new details regarding the ISIS network that was intending to target the city of Erbil with terrorist acts.
Barzani said in a statement that after a months-long security operation, the security forces managed to thwart a terrorist plot in Erbil, which was placed in Syria, and orders were directed to implement it for the group affiliated with ISIS, which is currently under arrest and is subject to investigations.
Barzani stressed that according to the information, ISIS has developed the plan in Al-Hol camp in Syria, and this is a matter of concern, and it appears that the organization still has the capabilities to cross the borders, calling on the coalition forces and the region's partners to take the threats and risks to peace and stability in the region in full Grandpa


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