Macron from Beirut: Strong political action is needed in Lebanon

Beirut-ALSHARQIYA   August 6 : French President Emmanuel Macron stressed the urgent need for strong political measures to get Lebanon out of its crisis and lead it to reform ... and said that Lebanon's leaders need to hear painful facts about the internal situation
Macron stressed during the first visit by a foreign leader to Beirut since the port explosion, he stressed the need to advance economic reforms such as increasing the transparency of the Lebanese banking system and fighting corruption, and said that he touched the real anger in the streets of Lebanon.
  French President Emmanuel Macron offered French support to the Lebanese people after the tragedy of the Beirut port explosion
Macron promised to help organize international support for Lebanon, but said the Lebanese government should implement economic reforms and crack down on corruption.
  While wandering in the damaged neighborhood of Gemmayz

Beirut Port explosion, received French President Emmanuel Macron
Crowds of the affected Lebanese, chanting slogans demanding the fall of the regime in Lebanon, and demanding France to provide assistance, as Macron pledged that French support for Lebanon would not go to what he described as corrupt hands.
  French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to the Lebanese citizens he met at the site of the bombing that the new aid would not fall into the "corrupt hands" in a remarkable development about the head of a foreign country communicating directly with the people
The French President addressed crowds of angry citizens in the center of the afflicted Lebanese capital by saying that he intends to speak with all political players in Lebanon to conclude a new political agreement.


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