Liberation Square: Claims to install October 1 as the date for the elections

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  February 21: Peaceful protests escalated in Baghdad and a number of Iraqi governorates, with large crowds flocking to the demonstration arenas to confirm the steadfastness of the revolution and the stability of the principles that came out for it 5 months ago. The Tahrir Square in central Baghdad recorded a large public presence on Friday after the enrollment of various segments of society To the sit-in center, chanting slogans rejecting any dialogue with the authority of the parties and calling for the confirmation of the first of October next as a date for free and fair elections. The reactions from the center of liberation rose, accusing the political parties in Iraq of being more dangerous than the Corona epidemic and that the authority of the people will be eradicated. A disease


Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi confirmed that he was determined not to

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