Liberation of Mosul: The third anniversary of liberation and destruction is still prevalent in the city

Mosul-ALSHARQIYA  July 10 : Today marks the third anniversary of the liberation of the city of Mosul from the control of ISIS, while the effects of destruction are still visible in it, and its displaced people are prevented from returning to their liberated areas.
On July 10, 2017, former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the liberation of the city from the occupation of ISIS, which he seized on June 10, 2014, and about 100,000 fighters of various military formations participated in the liberation.
The numbers of the United Nations Mission in Iraq indicate that 5,218 people were killed and wounded in Nineveh from February 2015 to October 2017.

While the Ministry of Health estimated, during its 2016 annual report, the number of dead and wounded in the governorate at 889 people.
Activists and bloggers assert that the city is still destroyed and that successive governments have been unable to rebuild due to corruption and the economic offices of political parties and armed groups.


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