Kurdistan salaries: calls to keep salaries away from the dispute between the center and the region

Kurdistan -ALSHARQIYA   June 2: Politicians in Erbil called for removing the salaries of Kurdistan employees from the political differences between the center and the region after a file came back to the forefront as a result of the late salaries .. The region needs more than 850 billion dinars as monthly salaries, while Baghdad allocates 400 billion dinars per month To be completed the amount of oil exports from the region, which is the most complicated file, according to observers


The researcher in Iraqi affairs, Najm Al-Qassab, said that there are political forces in Iraq that believe that they are stronger than the state

The Director of Sulaymaniyah Health in the Kurdistan Region, Sabah Hawrami, said on Saturday that the health situation

The head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee in Iraq, Arshad Al-Salihi, called on the Ministry of Higher Education to be