Kurdistan Region: PKK warning against interfering in the region

Kurdistan-ALSHARQIYA  June  11  : The Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan government warned the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) against continuing to interfere in the internal affairs of the region and stressed that protecting the security and stability of Kurdistan lands is a "red line" that does not allow any group, under any name, to target it.

The Ministry of Interior in Kurdistan announced the thwarting of a plot by the Kurdistan Workers Party to destabilize security and stability in the region through a local group, while sending a number of citizens of European nationalities to implement its aims

The Ministry of Interior said that these days, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, as part of its plans against the region and with the help of a local staff, is sending many European citizens to the region to use them as tools to destabilize under the name of peace and freedom groups.

The region's statement called on those groups that call themselves peace and freedom groups not to make themselves a tool to sabotage the security situation in the region and to direct their words to Qandil because it is the source of harassment and a state of non-peace


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