Kazem El-Saher sings to Probe Hope .. with science, adorns the peoples

Dubai-ALsharqiya, February 6: Caesar's voice echoed Arab singing, Kazem Al-Saher, on television stations, radio networks, Internet sites and communication platforms, singing the Probe of Hope. This comes as the Al-Amal probe approaches the capture orbit around Mars on Tuesday 9 February 2021. Al-Saher sings this historic Arab Emirati achievement, celebrating words and poetic letters balanced by an unprecedented event in Arab history, which is the first Arab planetary exploration mission within the UAE project to explore Mars Hope probe.

Caesar Kazem Al-Saher refused to have his beautiful voice present in the memory of the Emirati Arab supremacy, in the journey of the Hope Probe to Mars, which is an Arab memory, with all the presence, prestige and legacy of Caesar, and with all the passion of the Arabs, to see the supremacy of an entire nation .. a nation waiting Whoever sparks hope and strengthens the spirit in it, and affirms its ability to excel and succeed, embodying an ancient past, leading to a dazzling future, where the leadership of the UAE always insists on exploring and anticipating it before its time. Kazem Al-Saher, with his voice and melody, and in the words of another Kazem, one of the people of the letter and language, Kazem Al-Saadi, was not a singer, but was a historian, for historical moments, in which the Emirates say that there is a country that looks to the future and extends its bridges to the world for the sake of the well-being of humanity, defeating The impossible and using it for the good of humanity. It is thus a historical singer, chronicling for a watershed moment, its melody and chirping by Tsar Kazem Al-Saher, and its words were written by the great poet Kazem Al-Saadi, and distributed by musician Michel Fadel, while all Arabs listened at one time to the song that tells the story of their glory and the glory of the Emirates, and combines Arab achievement with Arab nationalist feelings that She lit the space of the Emirates and the Arab world with words celebrating the historical achievement


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