Kaspersky introduces an unbreakable phone

Moscow-ALSHARQIYA July 5: Evgeny Kaspersky, head of "Kaspersky Lab", said that his organization is currently implementing the experimental use of a secure mobile communication device based on KasperskyOS.

He stated that this platform, which is intended for the industrial sector and companies, will be launched for commercial use next fall.

He added: "This is not a phone in the usual sense of the word, meaning there will be no music, no social networks or other "fun" add-ons.

The Russian expert stressed that "the phone is no longer a communication device only, but a personal device that connects its owner to the world. It can be said that our device is more than just a means of communication, it is a mobile secure platform based on KasperskyOS to be used in the industrial sector and companies." .

At the same time, it is possible through this device to connect to the phone, and it has the Internet, Messenger, mail, and office, but all these services will be very limited so as not to violate the concept of security.

"I will not reveal exactly which buyers will receive our secure mobile devices this fall. I will only say that the list will include large and giant companies, because they need them in order for their employees to ensure safe access to infrastructure and confidential information," Kaspersky continued.

It is noteworthy that "Kaspersky Lab" is a company specializing in computer security. Offers solutions and applications for anti-virus software. Its headquarters is in the Russian capital, Moscow. It has regional offices in China, Japan, the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Korea, Poland, Romania, and the Netherlands.


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