Karbala Police: There is no truth to the kidnapping of activists from Al-Ahrar Square

Karbala -ALSHARQIYA   October  30 : The Karbala governorate police denied the story of the Al-Ahrar Square protesters that armed civilians entered the square and the kidnapping of activists, and said that a security force had arrested a wanted person as part of a judicial warrant.
 The provincial police statement added that the arrested person is accused of trying to cause chaos and derail peaceful demonstrations, and that he is in possession of tools that he intended to use in attacking the security forces.


The death toll from the clashes rose to six martyrs and about 100 others. There were clashes

The US Embassy in Baghdad condemned the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Al-Haboubi Square, in the center of Nasiriyah

The head of the Iraqi national project, Jamal Al-Dhari, criticized the silence of the United Nations special envoy