Karbala health: No injuries were reported within 24 hours

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, April 4: Karbala Health Department announced that it has not recorded any new cases of the Corona virus during the past 24 hours. A statement of the province’s health said that the specialized health authorities sent 61 samples from the samples to the central health laboratory in Baghdad, where the results were sound and free of any injury. The statement stressed the need for the citizens of the province to cooperate by adhering to the recommendations of the central and local crisis cells, first and foremost the commitment to the curfew and the commitment to educational and educational guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and its health institutions to ensure their safety from HIV infection.


Citizens in Anbar renewed the call to tighten the closure of the entrances to cities and districts and open the movement within them

Experts in Basra say the economic repercussions of measures to deal with the Corona epidemic threaten greater popular mobility

Citizens in Baghdad warned against the development of the phenomenon of random housing to another more dangerous under the title "random construction"