Kakai: There are constitutional, legislative and executive challenges

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   August 1 : Baghdad-Sharqia, August 1: Said Kakai, a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission, said that there are three challenges facing the holding of early elections, the first of which is the constitutional challenge, represented by the absence of a quorum for the Federal Supreme Court.
 And Kakai included a number of paragraphs of the Iraqi constitution that he said there is a clear violation of it in the election law and in the delegation of judges and judicial advisors through a lottery conducted by the Supreme Judicial Council to fill the membership of the Board of Commissioners for the Electoral Commission.

And Kakaei said that there is a legislative challenge represented by the parliament’s failure to send the election law to the presidency of the republic to validate and try illegally under false pretenses and subject to the will of the powerful parties in the legislature to circumvent the mass demand for the approval of multiple constituencies voted on by the provincial constituencies rejected by demonstrators and activists of community organizations Civilian.
 Kakai pointed to a third challenge, which is the executive challenge, where the current Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission consists of ten members, and this is in contradiction to Article (Third) of the Law of the Commission Law.


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