Joker retains the top spot in North American film revenues

LOS ANGELES  -ALSHARQIYA oCR 14:The second-week action and crime film Joker retained the top spot in North American film revenues at the weekend, earning $ 55 million. The film is starring Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Betz, Robert De Niro and Francis Conroy, and is directed by Todd Phelps. In second place came the new animated filmAdams Family (Adams Family) with revenues of $ 30.3 million. In third place came the new science fiction film Gemini Man (Jimini Man) with revenues of $ 20.5 million. The film stars Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winsted and Clive Owen and is directed by Ang Lee. The animated film Snowman (Apominabol) slipped from second to fourth place this week to $ 6.2 million.


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