Joe Biden is sworn in as President of the United States

The United States -ALSHARQIYA   January 20: US President-elect Joe Biden was sworn in on Wednesday to become the forty-sixth president of the United States ... Biden, who is seventy-eight, took the oath and put his hand on a bible His family inherited him for more than 100 years, and the presidency would officially transfer to him over the next four years.
In his first speech, US President Joe Biden said that American democracy is precious and has triumphed in the latter despite the violence that targeted the Capitol. Biden confirmed in his speech during his inauguration ceremony in Congress that the Americans insisted on a peaceful transfer of power. Depending on the strength of the American nation.

The new US President, Joe Biden, called on all Americans to remain united and fight anger, hatred and lawlessness, stressing that through unity it is possible to overcome the correction of mistakes and victory over the deadly virus and the elimination of racism.
Biden warned that any disagreement should not be an all-out war, but rather a hostile culture should be rejected, indicating that the Capitol had lived an uninvolved war, but unity won in the end.
The new US President, Joe Biden, pledged to be the president of all Americans, and said that he would fight for those who did not support him in the elections just as much for those who supported him and work for the truth, not the lies.

Biden also addressed the world by saying that the United States of America had undergone the test and came out of it stronger, and work would be done to correct and reform alliances, considering the United States a strong and reliable partner for peace and security.


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