Iyad Allawi: Kidnappings must stop and prosecute the perpetrators

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  January 14: President of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi called on the government and parliament to put an end to the kidnappings and assassinations and expose the perpetrators in public courts. Allawi called on the demonstrators stationed in the squares to maintain the peacefulness of the demonstrations and not to allow the infiltrators and vandals of the security men and government institutions to deflect the demonstrations from their legal course Proper


Peaceful protests escalated in Baghdad and a number of Iraqi governorates, with large crowds flocking to the demonstration squares.

Dozens of university and institute students in Baghdad flocked to Tahrir Square, the peaceful sit-in center

Communication sites shared pictures of the martyr student Abbas Majid in his school in Nasiriyah on his school seat in the school adorned with a phrase - the student missed to attend the country