Iyad Allawi: I will testify before the International Court of Justice by name

Amman-ALSharqiya, February 19: The President of the National Coalition and former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said that he will be the first witness before the International Court of Justice after the completion of the file of violations, which will be presented within weeks to the international courts and the United Nations. Allawi was surprised, via Eastern News, that the Iraqi government deliberately failed to protect the demonstrators and stop the killing, warning that Iraq would go to more blood.


The Crisis Cell in Wasit Governorate lifted the quarantine on the family of Masai Zghayer

The local government in Anbar extended the curfew in the cities of the province until the eleventh

Al Sharqiya channel launched the platform (Stay home and Speak Across Sharqiya) as part of an initiative