Italian designers are reopening theaters to present their novelties

Italy-Eastern March 3: After a full year had passed since theaters were closed in Italy due to the spread of the Corona pandemic, designers sought to reopen them to present their ready-to-wear collections as part of the Milan Fashion Week activities. The show took off, but the audience’s seats were left empty. The performances of Valentino, Gilberto Calzolari and Francesca Liberatore were moved virtually in line with the delicate health situation in different parts of the world.
Valentino performed at the famous Teatro di Miano, Gilberto Calzolari models moved between the empty audience seats of Franco Parenti and designer Francoiska Liberatori performed in an imaginary theater.

With a live performance by a young British singer, Cosima, accompanied by a live band. Both the models and models appeared with classic looks dominated by the elegance of the monochrome duo: black and white. The show’s designs were distinguished by their romantic nature, which carries nostalgia without giving up a promising future look.
Ruffles and frills were the biggest present in this group, and they appeared on shirts, dresses, coats, and even caps, and evening dresses were decorated with feathers, ribbons, polka dots and squares, in addition to wild prints.

Designer Gilberto Calzolari ensured his show was accompanied by choppy music as his models walked the aisles separating the empty theater seats. His looks were exceptionally feminine, with her midi skirts, romantic dresses with flowing cuts, and warm, checkered coats.
The designer called his collection At the Stage and it has a double interpretation: "on stage" and "on this scale." At the end of his presentation, he sent a message saying: "Theaters, cinemas and museums have been closed for a very long time. We need them just as we need the air we breathe and call for their reopening as soon as possible."
Designer Francesca Liberatori invited a number of artists from the fields of music, theater, photography as well as fashion critics to be on the virtual stage for her show.

Her models wandered between the stage and the auditorium, while film clips and digital influences appeared in the background, as well as photos from the worlds of fashion and engineering.
As for the outfits, they varied from raincoats to military prints and flared jackets. The squares print has been introduced in an innovative manner on many designs.
The designer dedicated her group to all those who work in the field of innovation and had to adapt to the health situation by changing their plans and were unable to practice their professions, and she also gave her to the theater and cinema that does not allow them to be attached to the reality in which we live today.


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