Iraqi Meteorology: The temperature will get close to 50 ° C within days

Baghdad-ALsharqiya July 4: The Civil Defense Directorate issued a set of wills and instructions, amid expectations that Iraq will record in the coming days an increase in temperatures that may reach half the boiling point.

Among the recommendations stressed by the Civil Defense Directorate are the evacuation of cars from explosive gas materials and lighters of all kinds, as well as perfumes and battery batteries in general and not to fill the car's fuel tank completely with the simple opening of windows.

The Civil Defense Directorate also called attention to the possibility of scorpions and snakes coming out of their burrows significantly and may enter farms and homes to search for cool places and called on the Civil Defense to avoid exposure to the sun directly, especially during the period from 10 am to 3 pm and put a cap on the head during the walk In direct sunlight or carry protective sunshades


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