Iraqi Forces Alliance: The security forces in the liberated provinces must be reconsidered

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, October 17: The Iraqi Forces Alliance demanded a review of the security forces present in the liberated provinces and the removal of the armed factions from them, warning that options will be open to take the appropriate measures in order to save the blood of citizens.

In a statement denouncing the crime of Farhati, the coalition of forces affirmed that the continuing security setbacks in the liberated governorates and cities and the influence of armed groups over the lives and capabilities of their inhabitants puts the security and intelligence services and the parts holding them into question their ability to prevent crimes and violations against unarmed citizens.

The coalition of forces also called on the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to take courageous measures to hold security forces accountable, bring criminals to justice, bring justice to the families of the martyrs, and strike with an iron hand on armed and escaped groups, working to break up national cohesion and drive the wedge of division and sectarianism.


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