Iraqi Bloggers for the Pope: Every delay and better

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   March 3: Bloggers in Iraq released the tag "Do not hurry, Pope" in an attempt to draw attention to the renaissance in reconstruction campaigns and to provide services to the facilities and areas that Pope Francis will visit or pass through during his historic visit to Iraq.
Bloggers reported on Twitter and Facebook about their daily struggles with deteriorating health services, declining public services and bad roads.
Bloggers wrote on the communication sites ... Every delay and its best ... Do not hurry, Papa, we are waiting for you ... The more late you come, the better ... in an indication that the public and secondary streets near churches are tiled and the facades nearer are beautiful and clean ... saying that This is the best proof that the authorities are able to do so within a short period of time

This comes a day after the tag "Ask the Pope" interacted, where bloggers called on the Pope to visit hospitals to see their bathrooms and operating halls in which they might clean them. They also called on him to walk on roads that are not within the schedule prepared for the visit, to closely examine the suffering Iraqis are facing far away. For the places that the authorities rehabilitated.


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