International Olympic freezes Iraqi sports activities

Baghdad - ALsharqiya, November 21: Iraqi sports entered a new impasse after the International Olympic Committee announced that it would freeze its activities due to the questionable integrity elections that were held to choose the head of the Olympic Committee in Iraq. The International Committee had warned the Iraqi Olympic Committee against proceeding with wrong procedures or passing the nomination of a person who had previously objected to the Ethics Committee, and the Olympic Committee said that it froze the activities of its Iraqi counterpart after the complaint of the outgoing Olympic Committee President Raad Hammoudi to the International Olympic Committee. The statement added that the Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council Al-Asiwi are not in a position to recognize the results of the Iraqi Olympic elections and have called for them to be repeated, noting that they did not recognize Sarmad Abdul-Ilah to head the Iraqi committee. The judiciary had passed the nomination of a person who had previously been subject to the procedures of the Ethics Committee, and most of the criticism in the past two weeks was directed at the way the judiciary administered the elections, which negatively affected the reputation of Iraq and the reputation of the sports administration in it.


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