International investigators: The Baghdad government should stop all mass executions

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, November 21: Reuters quoted human rights experts at the United Nations as saying that about 50 prisoners in Iraq face the possibility of execution on Monday after they were convicted of terrorism-related crimes in unfair trials. Reuters added that independent experts urged in a statement by the Baghdad government to immediately stop all mass executions, and indicated the execution of 21 prisoners last October, and then the execution of 21 prisoners last week in Nasiriyah Central Prison, also known as Al-Hout Prison, noting that the wave appears within the framework of a larger plan. About 4,000 others were executed, most of them accused of terrorist crimes, and that there are hundreds of executions imminent after the execution of death warrants. According to Reuters, the United Nations investigators strongly urged the Iraqi government to respect its international legal obligations and immediately halt other plans to execute prisoners. By being subjected to torture and ill-treatment during interrogations.


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