Instagram: A technical error stopping posts related to the American protests

Washington - ALsharqiya, June 2:  Instagram's social networking platform, photographer, said it was a technical error that halted publications related to the American protests. Instagram, according to the Engadget technical website, reported that anti-spam technology was the reason for stopping some posts related to the Black Lives Matter. She pointed out that the anti-spam system worked incorrectly, stopped all posts, and a large number of users received a message that the procedure was blocked after trying to post posts on this hashtag. And Instagram continued, saying that this technology is mainly used to restrict the content, and certain measures to protect Our community, but we made a mistake. Instagram clarified: We know that some people incorrectly encounter messages (action blocked), when using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter or reposting related posts. On Instagram to help fight spam. Since the content shared with #blacklivesmatter has increased, this technology has been invalidated. We are solving this problem as quickly as possible, and we are investigating a separate issue to download the stories. Instagram platform said it supports and celebrates this hashtag, and is moving quickly to ensure that voices that use this rating are heard, adding: We are working to fix the problem. Facebook is currently facing a violent reaction Among her employees, over his decision not to ban Donald Trump's posts that Twitter described as glorifying violence, a number of workers took part in a strike and public criticism of the company's founder, Mark Zuckerberg.


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