Infiniti unveils its latest luxury SUV

JAPAN-ALSHARQIYA June 28: Infiniti unveiled the all-new QX60, which was ranked among the most beautiful, elegant and distinctive four-wheel drive cars this year.

The new car was distinguished from previous QX60 models with a more streamlined body, a more modern and beautiful design of the front and rear facades, as well as lights, as well as an interior design that provides better comfort and luxury for passengers.

The chassis of this car is approximately 5 meters long, 177 cm high, and the distance between the wheel axles is 290 cm. The cabin from the inside was equipped with three rows of luxurious leather-covered seats for seven passengers.

This vehicle has received many elements of distinction and luxury in its interior design, as the cabin is decorated with dark wood, chrome and luxurious leather. The dashboard has also received a unique and attractive design, and it is equipped with an advanced 12.3-inch touch screen, and another screen in front of the driver, and the seats are equipped with heating and cooling systems.

Infiniti provided it with the latest security systems that rely on cameras and distance sensors, as well as a blind spot system to avoid accidents, light and rain sensors, cameras and front and rear distance sensors.

This car will be launched with six-cylinder engines with a capacity of 3.5 liters, generating torque equivalent to 299 horsepower, and it will work with nine-speed automatic gearboxes.


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