Indigenous and black models conquer the catwalks in Brazil

São Paulo -ALSHARQIYA   November 26: Gloria Mariah and Shirley had dreamed of, since their childhood, to show the fashion of great designers, but the path to the catwalks of the fashion world seemed to be long closed to these two young black women in Brazil who suffer from racism. However, Al-Hasnaween's ambition was fulfilled in early November, during São Paulo Fashion Week, which is considered the most prominent date for the fashion design sector in the South American country.
This year, Sao Paulo Fashion Week was not the same as it was before, not only because it was held by default.

By broadcasting video shows over the Internet due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but because his new system required that half of the participating models be black-skinned, or indigenous. The credit for this unprecedented change is due to the efforts made by associations working to achieve racial equality, which allowed the two young women to take the podium after a long wait.
Previously, fashion houses often confined themselves to grafting blond and blue-eyed models, most notably Gisele Bundchen, with just one or two blacks, although more than half of Brazil's population were black or mixed.


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