In their first debate, Trump and Biden exchanged personal insults

Washington-ALsharqiya September 30: The debate between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, saw Tlasna and an exchange of accusations, against the backdrop of the debate on the health care project for Americans.

The debate lasted 90 minutes with a limited audience who was also committed to the rules of social distancing due to the epidemic, and this is the first of 3 debates scheduled to take place, and the debate began with a question about Trump's appointment to a judge in the Supreme Court before the elections, as the two candidates differed over the decision of the US President, but Biden touched on Obama Care's health care program, which prompted Trump to boycott him, and when Biden began to respond in defense of Barack Obama's predecessor program, Trump dealt his first blow indicating that the Democratic camp, and perhaps the former president, were controlling Biden, and the Republican president defended his move The speedy attempt to take a seat on the US Supreme Court at the start of the debate, saying that the elections have consequences, and that his administration has the right to do so, despite the objections of the Democrats, but Biden said that the seat of the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, should be filled after the November 3 elections, when it becomes clear Who will be the boss.


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