Immortal Radi and Hadi: the men announce the agreement to establish two monuments for the two stars

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   June 23 : The Minister of Youth and Sports "Adnan Darlal" announced today, Tuesday, the Ministry's agreement with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities on the establishment of two memorial monuments for the Iraqi soccer lost "Ahmed Radhi" and "Ali Hadi" who passed away due to the Corona pandemic. "Dirjal" said in a statement, that the choice of the location of the monuments will be made in coordination with the competent authorities in a manner commensurate with their status and the achievements of each of them.  The Minister of Youth and Sports, "Adnan Darjal," decided to issue a stamp that commemorates the name of the deceased Iraqi football, "Ahmed Radi", who carries his photo in coordination with the Ministry of Communications.


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