Ibrahimovic demands not to challenge Corona

Italy-ALSHARQIYA October 29: The veteran former Swedish international striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic threw his weight in a campaign to promote respect for the rules of social distancing and wearing masks, calling on fans not to "challenge the virus" in a video published by the Lombardy province on Thursday.
Ibrahimovic, who suffered from "Covid-19" weeks ago, which prevented him from participating with his team Milan in his opening matches in the Italian football league before he returned strongly and scored three duels in three matches topped the list of scorers in the "Serie A", to participate In the awareness campaign launched by the local authorities in Lombardy.

"The virus challenged and defeated me. But you are not Zlatan, do not challenge the virus. Always respect the rules, distance and mask," Ibrahimovic said in Italian in a video from a balcony overlooking Milan, before wearing a mask.


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