Hollywood actor prepares to enter the world of football

 Canada-ALSHARQIYA   September  24 : Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is preparing to enter the world of football as an investor in a Welsh club.
Reports revealed that the actor is a potential investor in "Wrexham", who currently plays in the fifth division of the English National League.
And the Welsh club entered, according to the British "Sky News" network, in talks with Reynolds, in addition to the American actor Rob McKellhenny, who is best known for the series "Philadelphia is Always Sunny."
Of the 1,254 Wrexham Supporters, 97.5 percent voted in favor of continuing talks with Reynolds.
Reynolds, who is best known for playing the title role in the movie Deadpool, sold his alcoholic drink brand for $ 610 million, knowing that he was ranked by the American "Forbes" magazine as the second most paid actor in 2010.


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