Hicham Al-Mashichi: I will hand over the presidency of the Tunisian government to the chosen person

Tunis-ALSHARQIYA   July 27: Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham Al-Mashichi, who was relieved of his duties by Tunisian President Kais Saied, announced his readiness to hand over power to the person chosen by the president.

 In his first statements since the decisions taken by President Said, Al-Mashishi said that he will hand over the responsibility to the person who will be assigned by the President of the Republic to head the government.

 Al-Mashishi's statements come after a few new decisions issued by President Saeed, in which he relieved Minister of Defense Ibrahim Al-Bertajy, the Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of the public office, and the Acting Minister of Justice, Hasna bin Suleiman.


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