Health financing: Hassan Al-Kaabi accuses the Iraqi finance minister of stalling

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   July 1 : The head of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell, Hasan Al-Kaabi, attacked the Iraqi Finance Minister, Abdul Amir Allawi, and blamed him for the large increase in the number of corona virus victims as a result of his failure to respond to the repeated requests to finance the Ministry of Health to face the threat of the pandemic. For the Parliamentary Crisis Cell by the Minister of Finance and the advanced staff at the Ministry and the failure to finance the Ministry of Health with sufficient funds to face the Corona epidemic and bridge the shortfall in health, pharmaceutical and medical equipment was one of the direct causes of the rise in infections and deaths of this virus in Baghdad and the general provinces.

In his statement, Al-Kaabi said he was surprised that the Ministry of Finance allocated 50 billion dinars for health after it was too late and the death of hundreds of Iraqis


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