Has Microsoft abandoned the new Windows 10 X?

Washington - ALsharqiya May 16: Some websites interested in technology have indicated that Microsoft might abandon the development of Windows 10 X, which was supposed to make a quantum leap in the world of computers. According to the famous blogger Brand Sams, "Microsoft decided to postpone the launch of Windows 10 X now, and if it decided to launch it, it will not appear to users before the end of this year, and the company is currently focusing on developing the current Windows 10 systems to support it with additional features."

The blogger believes that "Windows 10 X is likely not to be launched in the way that was set for it. Windows users do not need a radical change in the operating systems of their computers, but rather they need some new functions that will facilitate the use of Windows 10 and make it more practical, and they also need applications that provide them." A data-safe virtual environment, as well as new interfaces

Microsoft had previously indicated that the Windows 10 X system that it is working on will be a lighter version of the current Windows 10 systems, equipped with interfaces suitable for users of tablets and laptops with touch screens, and its interfaces will be devoid of the Start button and the main menu in it will differ from those in Windows systems now. Some analysts believe that the spread of the epidemic in the world affected the requirements of computer users and made many of them return to using traditional Windows computers to work remotely, which encouraged Microsoft to amend its plans on developing operating systems for these devices


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