Hadi al-Amiri: The state is required to impose its authority on Dhi Qar hospitals

Dhi Qar - ALSharqiya, July 12: The head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, stressed the need to extend state control over hospitals in Dhi Qar Governorate.

Al-Amiri said in a statement that the government should take quick measures to extend state control over hospitals and save the lives of citizens who are threatened with death in Dhi Qar, and demanded that the white army be protected from doctors and all medical personnel

Al-Amri’s statements come after a conflict between political and party parties over the management of Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital and after the police chief, Brigadier Hazem Al-Waeli’s complaint to the Minister of Interior about the lack of medical and health personnel in the hospital designated to treat Corona cases


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