Gunmen attack US logistical support in Diwaniyah

Basra-ALSharqiya, July 12: American tankers coming from Basra came under armed attack on Al-Diwaniyah - Samawah road. Insiders said that gunmen traveling in pickup wheels forced the tankers carrying logistical support to stop and land the drivers, then set fire to the tankers, and withdrew. To an unknown destination.

 She added that the tankers were driven by Iraqis and were heading to one of the American bases coming from Basra Governorate, and the same sources indicated that a Diwaniya police force had reached the site of the incident and detained the drivers at the headquarters and recorded their statements.

 Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense denied its knowledge of targeting a truck convoy carrying support for US forces in southern Iraq, and US media outlets quoted a Pentagon spokesman saying that the ministry was not aware of any attack that targeted US interests in Iraq, specifically in the Diwaniya area and its surroundings.


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