Google removes 17 applications that threaten your phone

London-ALsharqiya September 29: Google announced the removal of applications from its online store, as they may cause penetration of Android phones and smart devices.

Google has received a warning from information security researchers about these applications, according to Tech Republic.

And those applications were affected by malicious programming of the Joker type, and when the infected application is downloaded to the phone or smart device, the malware in it begins to move to the rest of the applications on the device.

Google announced some time ago that the Joker software, despite its simplicity, is considered one of the most dangerous and persistent programs.

The company explained that its experts, 3 years ago, removed from its online application store more than 1,700 applications infected with this software.

The list of apps that Google removed from its online store includes:

All Good PDF Scanner

Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message

Unique Keyboard - Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons

Tangram App Lock

Direct Messenger

Private SMS

One Sentence Translator - Multifunctional Translator

Style Photo Collage

Meticulous Scanner

Desire Translate

Talent Photo Editor - Blur focus

Care Message

Part Message

Paper Doc Scanner

Blue Scanner

Hummingbird PDF Converter - Photo to PDF

All Good PDF Scanner


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