Google fixes serious vulnerabilities in Chrome browser

USA-ALSHARQIYA June 23: Google announced that it has addressed several serious software vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser that could have affected the privacy of users' data.

According to the company's experts, the new version of Chrome, which carries the code 91.0.4472.114, came with improvements to address several software vulnerabilities, including a vulnerability described by specialists as dangerous to the security of users' data.

Experts pointed out that the dangerous vulnerability coded "CVE-2021-30554" could have been exploited to carry out "doomsday" electronic attacks, and access data of computer users, and this vulnerability caused problems with the JavaScript API software that Chrome uses to display interactive graphics with binary images. or three-dimensional.

Experts made it clear that details about the vulnerability and the software vulnerabilities it causes will not be published in detail until the majority of Chrome users get the software updates that address it.

The new Chrome version 91.0.4472.114 also carried many software fixes associated with Chrome Sharing, WebAudio and TabGroups, and addressed software vulnerabilities with codes: "CVE-2021-30555", "CVE-2021-30556", and "CVE- 2021-30557".


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