Google celebrates its twenty-third birthday

United States-ALSHARQIYA September 27: "Google" has played a pivotal role in changing the way we communicate with the world and our consumption of information, making it one of the most prominent companies in the field of technology and the Internet.
Today, the leading technology company is 23 years old, having been born in 1997, while it was formally incorporated as a company on September 27, 1998. Google was 23 years old on September 4, 2021, but the company changed its anniversary celebrations from September 4 to September 27 in 2005 , in celebration of reaching a new record in terms of indexed pages.
Google launched as a research project on Stanford's private network in 1996 and received $100,000 in first funding in 1998, from Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, and now, its market capitalization approaches $2 trillion.
In 1997, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met when they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California.
By the following year, the two Google founders had built a search engine together in their bedrooms and developed a prototype. In 1998, Google was officially founded.
And "Google" celebrated its twenty-third birthday with a "Google Doodle" drawing for the home page containing a chocolate cake.
Google Doodle is defined as the special and temporary change that Google makes on its logo on the home page of the famous search engine, in celebration of a specific occasion that appears when you click on it or pass the mouse arrow on different computer devices.
In a blog post about the new innovative Google Doodle logo, Google wrote: “Every day, there are billions of searches on Google in more than 150 languages ​​around the world. From the first server found in a cabinet built of game blocks to its servers that are now being placed In more than 20 data centers globally, their mission to make the world's information accessible to all remains the same."
The letter "l" above the two-tiered chocolate cake looks like a lit candle, and the number "23" is written on it. A few seconds later, a funny cartoon face is revealed in the bottom layer of the cake, then an arm extends to lift the top layer as if the cake were saying, "Welcome."
Chrome homepage doodles have been a Google tradition since August 30, 1998, when it celebrated the Burning Man Festival, days before the company was founded.
The goal of the founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, was to build a search engine for an incredibly large collection of information that the Internet advantage was rapidly becoming.
The name "Google" comes from a common misspelling of the mathematical word googol, which refers to the very large number 10 to the power of 100 (the number 1 followed by one hundred zeros).
Moreover, the headquarters of Google, which is now known as “Googleplex”, goes back to the number “googolplex” which is 10 in the strength of googol.
It is worth noting that when the use of the verb "Google" became common, the word was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006, explaining its meaning as follows: "The use of the Google search engine to access information on the Internet."


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