Global Finance: Iraq's debts fell in 2021 to $69 billion

Washington-ALsharqiya September 27: A report by the American magazine Global Finance revealed that Iraq's foreign debt during 2021 amounted to 69.684 billion dollars, lower than in 2020, which amounted to 81.153 billion dollars. The magazine stated in a report that governments in the world spend money on health care, education, infrastructure and activities. Defense and a large number of services and other goods, but some governments resort to borrowing money, because things do not always go as planned, and the report added that the most indebted Arab countries during 2021 were the share of Sudan, where its external debt amounted to 211.656 billion dollars, preceded by Eritrea has a debt of 175.575 billion dollars. Globally, Global Finance indicated that Japan ranked first in terms of debt during 2021, at 256.494 billion dollars.


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