General Motors unveils an autonomous flying taxi

United States -ALSHARQIYA   January 13: General Motors unveiled at CES 2021 a model of a self-driving plane taxi.
The company displayed its electric car, which falls under the "Cadillac" trademark, and called it "eVTOL", revealing that its top speed reaches 90 kilometers per hour, can accommodate one passenger, and is equipped with a 90-watt electric motor.
In addition to this car, "General Motors" also displayed another two-passenger vehicle, self-driving, featuring a sleek, futuristic design, and its built-in features work through voice commands and the passenger's hand gestures.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that the share of "General Motors" witnessed a rise of 8.8 percent to reach $ 48.95, shortly after it revealed the two cars, which made the market value of about $ 70 billion.
It is worth noting that the American company did not disclose the date of production of these two future models.


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