General McKinsey: Iran has avoided targeting US forces recently

Washington -ALSHARQIYA  April  22 : The Commander of Central Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, affirmed that there are no plans at the present time to withdraw US forces from Iraq and warned that the future of this country will not be without blood.
General McKinsey said at a congressional hearing that ISIS has not disappeared and is in place and is capable of launching attacks in Iraq and Syria.
The commander of the US Central Command, General McKinsey, warned of Iran's pursuit of hegemony and expanding its influence, and General McKinsey said that Iran had avoided targeting US forces, but it continues to threaten US partners in the region.


The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, said that attacks targeting activists in Iraq are unacceptable

Public anger continues over the assassination of the Karbala Coordination Officer, the activist Ihab Al-Wazni, to demand the disclosure of the perpetrators

Specialists in security and military affairs in Iraq emphasized the need to unify the field discourse and confront it