Gareth Bale makes provocative statements after leaving Real Madrid

London-ALSHARQIYA   September  20 : Welshman Gareth Bale confirmed, today, Saturday, after officially joining the ranks of Tottenham, on loan from Real Madrid, that after leaving the English team, he was always thinking of returning to it.
Gareth Bale said, in statements to the official media of the London club: "It is great to come back to the team. Tottenham is a special club for me. It made my name, and it is amazing to return to it again."
He continued, "I hope to recover quickly, to help the team and win titles .. Since my departure from Tottenham, I have always thought of returning to him again .. And now I had the opportunity, and it was a good moment, I am excited and I want to start."

Tottenham confirmed, today, that Gareth Bale will be out of action until mid-October, due to a knee injury. And that after he officially joined the London team, for a season, on loan, from Real Madrid


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