French fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies

Paris-ALSHARQIYA  January 4: This morning, the French designer Pierre Cardin died at the age of 98. He left behind an empire worth about $ 640 million, with hundreds of licenses gathered around the world.
What was the most prominent milestone in the life of this designer who was the "father" of ready-to-wear and champion of futuristic style in the fashion industry.
This French designer was born in 1922 in a neighborhood near Venice, Italy. He turned into a fashion icon in the 1960s, along with other designers such as Paco Rabanne and André Corrique. Pierre Cardin is known for creating fashion collections inspired by the worlds of space, and his vision has led him to create the concept of "ready-to-wear"

And the development of ready-made licenses in various fields, sometimes far from the fashion world, subjected it to many criticisms at the time.
Pierre Carradan moved from Italy to Paris in 1945, to train in the workshops of well-known tailors such as Jean Bacan and Elsa Schiaparelli, before moving to Christian Dior and participating in creating "Taylor Bar", one of the most iconic pieces for which this house is known.
In the year 1950, Pierre Cardin launched his own fashion house at the age of 28 and presented his first collection of designs in 1953, succeeding after another. This is what prompted him to open the first women's ready-to-wear store called "Eve", followed in 1975 by a men's ready-to-wear store called "Adam".

The 1960s marked an important turning point in Pierre Cardin's career, as in 1959 he organized his first ready-to-wear women's fashion shows, and in 1960 his first men's ready-to-wear show. And he used to say in this field, "ready-to-wear is my most prominent achievement in the field of fashion, in an era when there was nothing but fine tailoring that was a source of waste of money."
Pierre Cardin enjoyed a vision of the market that made him the subject of many criticism and caused his expulsion from the French Tailors' Syndicate. He worked on transforming his fashion house into a trademark to ensure continuity and developed the concept of licenses to include in his trademark wallpaper, cigars, mineral water, household linens, and even tableware. This is what made the name Pierre Cardin reach hundreds of countries and appear as a signature on various tools.

Pierre Cardin was the first to present huge and distinctive fashion shows, including in the Mongolian Gobi Desert, on board a Chinese aircraft carrier, in the Red Square in Moscow with the presence of more than 200,000 people, in Villa Medicis in Rome, and in the White Palace in Belgrade.
In the seventies of the last century, Pierre Cardin tried to expand the scope of his work to enter the field of furniture design, jewelry, and perfumes, then he moved to the field of restaurants and became the owner of the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim's in 1981. Pierre Cardin’s interest also extended to the field of arts, as in 1970 he established an association of painters and sculptors And directors. In 2006, he established a museum named "Past-Present-Future" that chronicles his passion for design by displaying 200 pieces of luxury fashion and signature furniture.

Business magazine Challenges recently estimated the Pierre Cardin brand at $ 640 million. Although the designer's activity was limited to making occasional shows in recent years, his brand has continued to generate significant income through its multiple licenses. Pierre Cardin understood early on the importance of developing a brand by selling its investment rights in various fields. He used to proudly say: "I was able, on my own, without any financing, bank, or consultants to succeed in transforming my fashion house into a successful brand and making important profits at a time when big names in the fashion field were forced to join collections of luxury brands to ensure their continuity."


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