France Press: The bazaar of buying and selling positions was opened in Iraq

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  February 21: A report of the French Press Agency stated that the bazaar for buying and selling positions in Iraq was opened again despite demonstrations condemning corruption in the country from about 5 months, during which hundreds of martyrs and thousands of casualties were reported, and the report of the Agence France-Presse agency was transmitted from a party official Saying that the party leader seeks to persuade the prime minister-designate to keep one of the ministries in his share, and that the party leader has told "Mohamed Allawi" that he has financial obligations in the ministry at the present time and cannot be abandoned during this period and asked him to appoint a person close to him as quoted by "AFP" For a government official A high-ranking official said that the issue of assigning independent ministers at this stage is just a lie and cannot be worked out amid partisan rivalry over ministerial quotas The government official indicated that the parties might accept independent ministers, but then they would turn around the minister and tell him that this ministry is our share and you must abide by the orders we dictate to you to that. An Iraqi politician assured the French Press Agency that there are political and commercial forces trying to implement to the ministries through Financial deals


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