France Press: Iraq's fragile economy will be under pressure

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, February 15: A report of Agence France Presse said that the United States started putting pressure on Iraq from the gateway to its fragile economy, aiming to end its rapprochement with Iran by reducing the period of exclusion from the sanctions related to dealing with Iran and delaying allowing vital cash payments. In the Iraqi affair, this is the beginning of death with a thousand stabs, adding that the less the exception period, the less Iraq will be able to bear the result of any mistake committed. According to Agence France-Presse, the Iraqi Central Bank transfers monthly between one billion and two billion dollars in cash from its account in the Federal Reserve in New York, Where you flow He increased his oil revenues to pay the price of official and commercial transactions, but the payment that was supposed to arrive in mid-January last was delayed by two weeks, according to an Iraqi official and an oil sector source, noting political reasons behind the White House’s decision to delay the exit of funds. The Iraqis are walking on the edge of the knife.


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