Features in the Gmail app that most users are not aware of

London - ALsharqiya October 10: Google revealed a number of changes that it had made to the Gmail application, as it worked to completely change the design of its logo, as it became similar to the design of the company itself, and canceled the original design.

It also worked on the four additions to become not only an application for exchanging important e-mails, but also for chatting and making individual and group video calls.

In spite of the additions that Google recently added, there are a large number of features in the Gmail application that are unknown to many users, the most prominent of these features:

1- Schedule e-mails

Sometimes you may want to respond to an e-mail immediately, but with more e-mails, you will find yourself significantly cumbersome, and the application provided its users with the feature of scheduling the sending where you can specify the time when you want to see the e-mail, and when you change its schedule, the e-mail will appear to you at the time you set it.

2- The smart writing feature

The smart typing feature is a great new feature that was added to Gmail last year, and it can save a lot of time as the feature predicts what you will type and allows you to insert expected words or entire phrases by pressing the Tab key on a computer or by pressing a space at the end of the expected phrase On your smart phone, you can activate it by entering General in the Gmail settings and then clicking on the option to write suggestions and thus it will be activated.

3- Search for e-mails by date

Most people do not know about this feature as if you exchange a lot of emails with a specific recipient or about a specific topic and you need to find an old email without having to search through hundreds of search results, add the date and the email will appear to you on the same date. .


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