Father Pius Afas: We call on all Christians to return to Mosul

Mosul-ALsharqiya September 19: The father of the Syriac Catholic Church, Pius Afas, addressed a speech through Al-Sharqiya News on the occasion of the return of the ringing of the bells of the Martoma Church in the old Mosul, in which he said that the mixing of church bells with mosques is evidence that Mosul will remain the city of coexistence and Christians are part of this land . The bells of the “Mar Touma” church in the old Mosul were ringed again and their sounds were heard throughout the city for the first time in 7 years after the church was damaged by ISIS’s occupation and Father Pius Afas rang the bell in the Syriac Catholic Church, where restoration work is still underway, in the presence of dozens of Christians. who came from neighboring areas. The bell weighs 285 kilograms and is made from donations from French associations.


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