Fashion shapes new reality 'Fendi' style

Italy-ALSHARQIYA  January 19: Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director of the house, was keen on preparing a set of designs that would create a "new reality". It started from the classics of men's fashion to present pieces that are not linked to a specific time and depend in its concept on a new vision that takes into account the development of the lifestyle and the requirements of the modern man, in addition to the social conditions that the world is currently witnessing.
Variety, comfort and sobriety are the characteristics of this group that vacillates between creativity and reality, as it comes encrusted with new energy and some imagination.

The materials used in the implementation of these designs were luxurious and attached to them, and they attach great importance to comfort and freedom of movement. These materials ranged from wool, broadcloth, silk, and the wadded fabrics that adorned coats, jackets, and even shorts. Many of the designs were inspired by nightwear and home fashion, without losing anything of their elegance and sophistication.
The colors were neutral in a large part, ranging from beige and black through to light shades, but they were not without some monochrome designs that were distinguished by their strong, strong colors that are relatively strange from the men's wardrobe.

Some of the designs were decorated with prints and embroideries similar to children's drawings and signed by British comedian and illustrator Noel Fielding.
The new Fendi collection introduces a renewed look to menswear that it has modified to fit this new world that looks strange and natural at the same time. Check out some of the highlights of this collection below.


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