Fashion designers fight Corona with color

Italy-Oriental, November 5: It looks like next year's dresses will be a thing of two, either monochrome or full of color.
Designers tried to do their utmost to follow the new rainbow rule at a recent Milan show.
Of course it's not just the dresses. Fashion bloggers and industry experts have expected an explosion of passionate color and glamor across all outfits as the pandemic continues.
Experts in the color industry at the American "Pantone" company expect "a union between calm and healing colors, as well as a rainbow of hope and fun" for 2022.

Milan's spring-summer fashion shows in late September showed how the pandemic is leaving its mark on color sense in the fashion industry, at a time when brands are hoping for a fresh start after suffering huge losses during the lockdown.
The Italian brand "Max Mara" gave a glimpse of the mixes of white and the extra-wide straight pants for women, while the models who wore masks in colors in line with the bright summer trends showed in front of the audience.
The "Fendi" show featured men in bright red, wearing shorts and knee-high socks.
However, "Dolce & Gabbana" evoked perhaps the wildest marriage of color, with a set of bright works based on colorful patches of cloth that recalled the mood of Sicily and the 1990s.

Significantly, fashion trackers are sympathetic to the shift in colors, and fashion journalist and blogger Bernard Rutsel goes on to say that faded colors are the biggest sin a person can make when choosing their clothes, especially during a pandemic.
More colors aren't necessary, however, and fashion bloggers have been busy pointing out the shift that has occurred this year toward more browns in shoes and beige shades in pants and tops.
Another change that has been felt more by fashion insiders, is more digital shows than live events this year, just as happened with the unveiling of new cars and smartphones.

For example, star fashion designer Giorgio Armani put out a movie instead of a runway show for his cheaper label, Emporio Armani.
It featured box-like architecture, clear lines and some monochrome creations.


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